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Product Combinations

  • Format possibilities
    • Written: book, blog, lessons, whitepaper, cheatsheets
    • Video: screencasts, workshops, subscriptions
    • Class: live workshops, bootcamps, webinars, conferences
    • Templates: code, visuals, snippets, resources, docs
    • Consulting: individual, group, ongoing, one-off, structured
    • Membership: community, forum, list, space, equipment sharing
    • Software: feature, downloadable, apps, SaaS
    • Components: plugins, workflows, macros, recipes
  • Major methods
    • Educate: teach them how to do it themselves
    • Equip: outfit them with tools, supplies, components
    • Support: help them overcome fear, anxiety, avoidance, etc. with philosophy and/or community
    • Access: connect them to stuff/people/places they could not reach or afford
    • Outsource: automate, do it for them, connect to outsourcers
    • Eliminate: change, bypass or eliminate the task entirely

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