Labeled Property Graphs

Tue, 02 Aug 2022 09:17:24 GMT

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Name Labeled Property Graphs
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A labeled property graph (LPG) is a type of graph database and is a structure composed of vertices and edges. Both vertices and edges can have an arbitrary number of key/value-pairs called properties. Vertices denote discrete objects such as a person, a place, or an event. Edges denote relationships between vertices. For instance, a person may know another person, have been involved in an event, and/or have recently been at a particular place.

If a user's domain is composed of a heterogeneous set of objects (vertices) that can be related to one another in a multitude of ways (edges), then a graph may be the right representation to use. In a graph, each vertex is seen as an atomic entity that can be linked to any other vertex or have properties added or removed at will.

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