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An immersive experience pulls a person into another real or imagined world, enabling them to manipulate and interact with their environment. Immersive experiences use a blend of visuals, sound and technology to deliver unforgettable and engaging worlds.


Use topic maps (together with Contextualise) to drive semantic-based spatial experiences for the web combined with transmedia storytelling as —somewhat— described in the Semantic Modelling of Narrative Events post.


The Sparaxis Software project combines the development of web content models, concepts, creation processes and tools; that is, mixing art and code to build interactive, engaging web experiences.

Technology Stack

  • Python programming language
  • TypeScript programming language
  • Topic maps standard to describe complex relationships between abstract concepts and real-world (information) resources
  • Contextualise, a topic maps-based tool particularly suited for organising information-heavy projects and activities consisting of unstructured and widely diverse data and information resources
    • TopicDB, a topic maps-based semantic graph store which uses SQLite for persistence
  • Blender 3D creation suite
  • Frontend libraries and frameworks

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Build and publish a showcase experience to demonstrate both the concept of "immersive experiences" and technical capabilities.

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